How To Utilize Frizzy hair Extensions Using Liquid Precious metal Bonding Glue

Published: 10th August 2010
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Bonding coloured hair extensions is a really well-liked, temporary weaving technique and is a excellent way to speedily add volume and length to your organic frizzy hair. The Fluid Rare metal Bonding Glue Approach can be mastered with exercise and a good friend. Once this bonding method has been mastered you will conserve lots of cash by "carrying out it yourself".
  • Make certain that the wild hair is clean and dry. Do not apply any conditioner since it will leave an oily film on the curly hair that will weaken the bond.

  • Decide on your frizzy hair style and how you will be applying the curly hair weft.

  • Beginning at the back of your head, part the wild hair by creating a narrow element along your organic frizzy hair line. Spot this little part in a braid and out of the way. Make one more narrow element from ear to ear. Area remaining wild hair in a ponytail and out of your way.

  • Measure and cut frizzy hair weft to the preferred width from ear to ear. Be positive to permit for a little normal wild hair on the sides in order to hide the curly hair weft.

  • Employ a modest bead of the Liquid Gold Bonding Glue together the wild hair weft and wait for it to turn out to be tacky. Consider your time with this step simply because the bonding glue can be very stringy and sticky.

  • Implement along parted portion of your curly hair, close to the scalp but not on the scalp. Press in spot for a couple of seconds to dry.

  • If you want a more powerful and extended connection you can heat seal the bonding by utilizing a blow dryer around the monitor for a few seconds. Consider care to maintain the blow dryer moving back and forth more than the observe to speed up the drying process., and to prevent a burn.

  • Repeat by producing an additional narrow element and carry on via all the above actions, row by row until the desired sum of frizzy hair has been additional.

  • Liquid Rare metal Bonding Glue will dry obvious and will have a powerful bond. Only use Fluid Rare metal Bond Dissolver to get rid of bonded Wild hair Extensions

  • This strategy can be mastered with exercise and a pal. Start off with adding only 1 or 2 tracks until finally you have mastered the method. You will be ready to wash you curly hair usually because Fluid Precious metal Bonding Glue is water proof. You will want to avoid greasy conditioners mainly because they will loosen the bonds. Also, you will want to prevent heat directly over the bonds and oily or greasy hair and scalp goods beacause these will also loosen the bonds.

    Frizzy hair Extensions ought to not be left in your curly hair for more time than 4 weeks at a time. Comb curly hair extensions making use of a wide tooth comb, or you can use a frizzy hair extension loop brush.

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